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We help the IT and telecom equipment manufacturers to get their products certified. Since the introduction of mandatory certification requirement from the Govt. of India, companies have turned to our team, for understanding regulatory risks and compliance with Govt. Our technical and regulatory knowledge and breadth of business experience help our clients strategically manage the regulatory compliance and gain competitive edge. We are passionate to provide our clients timely certification to match compliance for Dept. of Telecom, Govt. of India. Our team of experts on the ground help manufacturers reduce time to revenue in the Indian market. The Shasta Solutions team brings you, the telecom industry experts and veterans from private and public sector.

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Wireless Approval

Wireless Approval

We offers WPC approvals at the shortest possible timelines. ETA and Import Licenses and other wireless licensee can be processed through SHASTA SOLUTION.

Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS) Registration

Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) then registers the manufacturers under its registration scheme who are permitted to declare that their articles conform to the Indian Standard (s).